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Research On Marketing Strategy Of Grassroots Network In Hohhot Jingu Valley Rural Cooperative Bank

Posted on:2014-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W D YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2279330428984956Subject:Senior management of Business Administration
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As a rural financial institutions,Jingu rural cooperative bank of Huhhot is a60years long history. Due to historical development, combined with the operating mechanism and personnel overall quality factors such as restriction, the bank both in the products, technology support and network with other commercial Banks and the soft power construction large gap, but Jingu rural cooperative bank of Huhhot has as many as107grassroots rural cooperative bank, financial services covering urban and rural areas, far more than other financial institutions. This paper tries to study how to play a good basic particle number advantage, comprehensively enhance the level of the grass-roots network marketing so as to promote the market competitiveness of Jingu rural cooperative bank of Huhhot.This paper is divided into seven parts, the first part is the introduction part; The second part analyzes the history of Jingu rural cooperative bank of Huhhot and the status quo of the development and marketing; The third part of the PEST and SWOT methods are adopted to Jingu rural cooperative bank of Huhhot to analyze the marketing environment; The fourth part of Jingu rural cooperative bank of Huhhot grassroots network marketing present situation and existing problems are analyzed; The fifth part in Hohhot, jingu problems existing in the rural cooperative bank grass-roots network marketing from network service marketing strategy, customer experience and network promotion strategy three aspects specific marketing measures; The sixth part puts forward the basic network marketing strategy implementation guarantee; The last part is conclusion and outlook, the conclusions of the paper research the highly summarized and proposed the next research direction. Through this topic research, on the one hand, to Hohhot jingu will certainly play an active role to promote the development of rural cooperative bank. On the other hand, to a large number of similar level of rural financial institutions, business development and marketing of ascension have certain reference significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jingu rural cooperative bank of Huhhot, outlets at the grass-roots level, marketing, research
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