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The Analysis About Small Micro-Loans Of H Bank Shenyang Branch

Posted on:2017-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, with the rapid development of the tertiary industry in our country, the small micro-enterprises have made big contributions to socialist market economy, as a especially those small micro-enterprises play a crucial role as a new force to make it not only in maintaining stable economic growth, promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading, but also in solving the difficult problem of employment of maintain the social stability etc.In addition, our country market economy has also gradually deepened with international economic, the marketization of interest rates and financial disintermediation phenomenon in our country has begun to take shape. However, with the outbreak of the global economic crisis in 2008, a number of small micro-enterprises received huge impact, even suffered a disaster. The reason is that small micro-enterprises have been in the process of rapid development which facing financing difficult problem, and even hinder our country economy fast and efficient development of the roadblock. In this case, the Chinese government has issued a series of policies to ensure the normal operation of small micro-finance, which involves commercial banks to implement small micro- loans business initiatives.H Bank Shenyang branch as a local commercial bank, in a positive response to the national policy, bear Bank of their social responsibility and obligation, actively carry out small micro loan business, and occupy a place in the involved in the scope of the market, in Shenyang and even has certain influence in the context of Liaoning Province,. This paper collects data and summaries the present stage our country commercial bank of small micro loan business in the development of the basic situation, combined with the data of field survey and interviews conducted in H Bank Shenyang Branch, in accordance with the method of "from the theory of practice, to find the problem from the practice, relying on the theory and put forward rationalization proposals" making a research to the small micro-business loans of H Bank Shenyang Branch, and analyzed three aspects, which are lack of effective marketing and assessment mechanism, risk management mechanism is not perfect and credit rating and access standards is not reasonable. On the basis of research and analysis of reasons that lead to the problem, and from changes in marketing channels of publicity, refining of management system standards, improving risk control ability and strengthening team construction as four aspects which give recommendations for improvements and effectively to H Bank Shenyang branch in small micro loan business development, and put forward reasonable suggestions.what’s more, for expanding H Bank Shenyang Branch of its other businesses, increasing the good credit of small micro-loan customer groups, and even providing some reference for other commercial banks in carrying out small micro- business loans with theoretical support and making small micro loan business develop sustained and healthy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial Bank, Small micro-loans, Market positioning, Risk control, Marketing techniques
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