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Market Positioning Of Small City Commercial Banks Studied

Posted on:2014-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330425980749Subject:Political economy
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The ups and downs in the course of development of the international banking industry has repeatedly proved:stable and competitive banking structure is critical to the economic health of a country. Optimize the banking landscape and scientific layout of the banking sector (especially small banks) hierarchy has pivotal role to improve the competitiveness and stability of a country’s banking sector, to avoid systemic risk caused by the "homogenization" and meet the needs of a diversified financial services. Especially after the international financial crisis in2008, in the face of banking "too big to fall" law, people expressed general concern for the moral hazard of large banks, even in the United States, such a great advocate of free market economy, through various bills to create a strong anti-competitive forces of large banks, including making a number of small banks by limiting the big banks to set up branches in a certain geographical survive.In recent years, small city commercial banks in China have firmly relying on local economic development and its own advantages, obtaining a significant development, in particular, played an important role in services for SMEs. The small city commercial banks are still in a weak position compared to large and medium-sized banks or foreign banks. As an important part of the financial system, how the small city commercial banks to avoid weaknesses and break through the bottleneck, to better play the role of financial services to support the development of the real economy is particularly urgent.Faced with fierce competition, the key to success of small commercial banks is to find their own market positioning. Only grasp the general trend of the banking industry, committed to change and innovation, based on the core competitiveness, meet the market demand, make full use of the resource endowments, clear and adhere to a distinctive market positioning, can win in the fierce competition. In this paper, by analyzing the small city commercial banks market positioning of the current situation and risks, the factors that affect the positioning of a small city commercial banks, then put forward suggestions for market positioning of small city commercial banks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small City Commercial Bank, Market Positioning, Differentiation, Trans-region, Risk control
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