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Health Assessment Of Pinus Tabulaeformis In Beijing Songshan Nature Reserve Natural Pinus Tabulaeformis Forest And Its Applications

Posted on:2016-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2283330461959788Subject:Plant Nutrition
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As one of the preferred trees for northern afforestation, Pinus tabulaeformis also records the history and economy of a place. According to surveys, whether natural forest nor artificial forest’s health condition more or less has some problem, so establishing the health evaluation system of Pinus tabulaeformis will be of great importance in managing and protecting Pinus tabulaeformis.This study test in Beijing Songshan Nature Reserve Natural Pinus tabulaeformis forest, Yangqing county, Beijing, randomly selected 50 natural Pinus tabulaeformis samples from experimental area. Then evaluated the health standards of Pinus tabulaeformis respectively from three criterion layers (appearance index, growth index, nutrition index) and 13 indicators layer (tree potential, leaf color, tree trunk lean, leaf biomass/trunk biomass, the retention of biennial and perennial pine needle, the length of biennial pine needle, the number of biennial pine needle at unit distance (5cm), the content of total N, total P, and total K of annual pine needle, the content of total N, total P, and total K of biennial pine needle), and established the health evaluation system of Pinus tabulaeformis.The result were as follows:Regarding natural Pinus tabulaeformis of Beijing Songshan Nature Reserve Natural Pinus tabulaeformis as objects, through the expert evaluation method to evaluate the health of each index, established the Pinus tabulaeformis appearance, growth and nutrition index health evaluation system, the health condition of Pinus tabulaeformis were divided into three levels, health, sub-health and unhealthy. According to the growing characteristics of Pinus tabulaeformis and the result of score of expert, assigned the weight to three criterion layers and 13 indicators layer. Finally, used the weighted average method to scoring each Pinus tabulaeformis. The result were as follows:health Pinus tabulaefornmis accounted for 80%, sub-health Pinus tabulaefornmis accounted for 14%, unhealthy Pinus tabulaefornmis accounted for 6%.
Keywords/Search Tags:Pinus tabulaeformis, natural Pinus tabulaeformis forest, appearance index, growth index, nutrition index, Health Evaluation
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