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The Research Of The Layout Of Blank And Text Against The Rules Of Formal Beauty

Posted on:2017-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Existing form layout design in all areas of visual communication design are reflected, research and graphic against the background of a blank formal beauty embodies the main line, in-depth study and discussion, and graphic design in the form of a blank between the in-depth analysis to explore; study graphic design layout with blank against the background of the relationship between design performance practices, Aesthetic Principles in which the use of three starting points, focusing on law of formal beauty through the use of white space and text reasonably designed to render high-quality layout design.Firstly, a large number of research studies on the mutual relations against the background of a blank layout design and graphic analyze, reason and the close relationship between the gap between finishing initial graphic and blank theory formation; secondly, to collect a large number of layout design study graphic design of outstanding cases and blank picture blank expression and graphic design into five categories according to manifestation. Classification conducive to the future more complex regular study; again, the specific form of the basic rules of formal beauty to combine graphic design with blank silhouetted against each other to study a lot of design work in recent years to reflect the mutual relations and graphic design blank parsing techniques, from primary and secondary distribution, symmetrical balance, rhythm and other aspects, examined six major law embodied in the design of formal beauty and white relations in graphics performance; Finally, the law of formal beauty in the use of research graphic design with blank relations with other design areas, it is more reasonable to show the layout of the layout. This provides the basis for us to further practice in the face of choice in the form of language. Designers can combine the actual need to select the most appropriate technique of expression based on research findings.This study provides a better layout design work in the reference design and graphic design blank relations is, in addition, the study used the law of formal beauty in study design relationship of contemporary art and design further exploration has certain theoretical significance.
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