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Research On The Application Of The Principles Of Formal Beauty In The Creation Of Commercial Photography

Posted on:2021-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Today,with the widespread spread of digital images,commercial propaganda requires higher and higher image quality.As an important means to promote consumption,commercial photography is deeply involved in the brand's marketing and business image building.The law of formal beauty summarizes the laws of public understanding of beauty,and plays a guiding role in the creation of visual arts.The application of the law of formal beauty can help art works conform to the visual habits of most audiences,and it is that art works can be recognized and affirmed by more viewers.Commercial photography,as a commercial act for the promotion of brands and commodities,has extremely high requirements for the ability of the works to spread and the public acceptance.The application of the law of formal beauty and the creation of commercial photography works can make commercial photography works more in line with public aesthetics,thereby giving full play to the commercial characteristics that commercial photography should possess.The purpose of this article is to understand and understand the basis of the formal beauty rules,combine the characteristics and creative methods of commercial photography,summarize the formal beauty rules involved in the creation of commercial photography,and apply them flexibly to the creation of commercial photography.First of all,it gives a macro-level theoretical overview of the formal beauty law and commercial photography,and studies the application of the formal beauty law in other art fields.Secondly,it analyzes the artistic expression of the rules of formal beauty in commercial photography in combination with specific commercial photography works,and analyzes the rules of formal beauty through the creation of "Form System" series of works,combining theory and practice in the creation of works.
Keywords/Search Tags:Formal beauty, Formal beauty rules, Commercial photography, Applied researc
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