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The Research Of Performing Techniques For Different Styles Double Bass Solo Compositions

Posted on:2017-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Double bass is the biggest stringed instrument, with the most complicated exterior transformation in all violin categories instruments. In Europe, there were numerous diversities in several aspects of double basses in different regions at the same time,such as instrument shapes, amount of strings, tuning methods, instrument sizes, fiddlestick shapes, which led to many different performing techniques and art styles. The German-Austrian style in the Classical era as well as Italian style and Russian style in the Romantic era are the most representative styles. As the representatives of their performing styles, J·Vanhal, G·Bottesini and S·Koussevitzky composed the immortal classics. As a double bass player who study and perform in China, I ought to extract all the essences by studying comparatively the techniques of different performing styles, and take their advantages. In order to enhance my performing level, summarize a set of performing techniques suitable for Chinese players, and promote the development of double bass in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Double bass, Composition style, Comparative study, Performing techniques
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