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On Translation Of Financial Reports From The Perspective Of Reception Aesthetics

Posted on:2017-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Financial reports, an important part of news reports, are featured by professionality, accuracy and timeliness. In order to enhance the readability and quickly attract the readers, an increasing number of financial reports are now paying particular attention to their vividness and appeal to the reader rather than just conveying information. The chosen translation project in this thesis is one example. Apart from the general characteristics of financial reports, it is also marked by the appealing storytelling, the popular writing style, the strong literary flavor and the distinct Chinese factors. Thus, the translator should consider how to recreate these features in the translation and how to arouse the readers’interest effectively.The textual analysis shows that the theory of reception aesthetics by Hans Robert Jauss can serve as a sound guide in this translation project to arouse the readers’interest and gratify their demand in reading. This thesis discusses issues based on the chosen text from two aspects:reader-orientation strategies and readers’ expectation horizon requirements. It is mentioned that, in the translation process, the translator should regard the target readers as an aesthetic subject, and then take their language features, aesthetic taste and cultural psychology into consideration. Meanwhile, the translator should work to predict accurately the readers’expectation horizon to fulfill their directed and creative expectations on the basis of precisely conveying the information of the source text.The thesis contains five chapters. Chapter One presents the research background and purpose. Chapter Two first introduces the concept of the financial report and discusses its general features, and then makes a textual analyzes of the chosen text. Chapter Three elaborates the general ideas of reception aesthetics. Chapter Four discusses the translation of the source text under the guidance of reception aesthetics. Chapter Five is a conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial report, reception aesthetics, concern for TL readers, expectation horizon
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