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The Traditional Chinese Realistic Painting In The Song Dynasty Flower And Bird Paintings Affect My Graduation Creation

Posted on:2017-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Flower and-bird painting became an independent painting branch began in the tang dynasty. Five dynasties period got great development. Formed a "xuhuangvariants"But when jisheng was two song period. Especially the most prosperous northern song dynasty period. The highest mountain in the history of song dynasty and flower and-bird painting. In comparison with the painting language of contemporary painting flower and-bird painting form in song dynasty has a lot of change and development. Also reflects the traditional and contemporary heritage. In the contemporary elaborate-style painting works. The continuation of the song dynasty flower-and-bird paintings aesthetic implication. Added more personal emotional factors. With contemporary flower-and-bird painter Xu Lei, LeiMiao, Gao Qian is creation, for example. To analyze the status of the contemporary elaborate-style painting. In this article, through combing the historical clues. Look at the development of traditional Chinese realistic painting flower-and-bird, coupled with their own graduation creation, clarify our painting flower and-bird painting creation idea.
Keywords/Search Tags:The song dynasty painting bird painting, Contemporary painting flower and-bird painting, The inheritance and development
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