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Legislative Studies On Right To Know Environment

Posted on:2015-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,China’s sustained rapid economic growth has brought a lot ofenvironmental problems,the contradiction between economic development andenvironmental protection have become increasingly prominent.Recently,the number ofwords always appear in the streets: fog and haze,Huangpu River dead pigs events.Haze appeared,was making masks and air purifiers to become a hot seller.Hazeproblem soon,in March2013,a large number of dead pigs Huangpu River began toappear,can occur several times a day or even one thousand,users began to ridicule thewindows are open wonderland,free drinking ribs soup.From the fog and haze to thewater pollution incident,a series of environmental pollution incidents catches oureye.As the public face of these masters of social problems,helpless; want detaileddata,which seek to redress.With the improvement of quality of life and level ofknowledge,public awareness of environmental issues increasingly close,highlightingthe need for environmental information,giving the public access to environmentalinformation become a trend.In this paper,the basic theory of environmental problems right from the start,mining and analysis to achieve the path to environmental information,combined withdomestic and foreign research status and related cases,mainly by foreign countries andregions,advanced and mature legal system to protect the right to information onenvironmental reference,proposed a law from the legislative to the right and then tothe environment protection and judicial relief mechanism,strive to be able to conductthe full range of environmental information protection legislation,law enforcement andjudicial sectors,ultimately to achieve tangible environmental information achieve thepurpose of environmental protection and universal participation.In this paper, the basic theory of environmental information from starting,according to ask questions-analysis of the problem-problem-solving ideas, the rightto information on the current domestic and international environment protection aspects of the legal system of research and analysis. This paper consists of four parts,the first part from the basic theoretical concepts, such as the legal relationshipbetween the environment right to proceed, to understand the meaning ofenvironmental information, the legal value as well as its legal relationship to thetheory of environmental information have a preliminary understanding; first Secondpart of the legislation by the successful experience of foreign environmentalinformation on China ’s environmental protection legislation to provide a favorabledraw right through the comparative analysis of national legislation to identifydeficiencies; third section describes the status quo of China’s environmentalprotection of the right to know, in detail discusses the legal right to protect theenvironment of the existing problems; last part is the key part of this article, the rightto information for environmental problems in our proposed five improvementmeasures: legislation oriented to promote national legislation to expand the right toknow the environment the main scope of rights and obligations, establish a soundcorporate, product environmental information disclosure system, soundenvironmental public participation mechanisms, legal liability and improve access toenvironmental information and relief mechanism.
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