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Telecommunications Fraud Crime Investigation Countermeasure Research

Posted on:2014-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Telecom fraud crime in our country criminal law does not have specific provision, it ispractical departments for specific investigation in crime cases of fraud, and through telephone,communication network and mobile phone text messages of the implementation of the fraudcrime means such as a kind of intellectuals. In recent years, telecom fraud crime have beenrunning high incidence. Although the public security through the project of action have beenachieved, but telecom fraud crime is still present high, and crime update, changes are endless. Theauthor hopes that through the telecommunications fraud crime of crime and crime stage ofcharacteristic analysis, clears telecom fraud crime investigation of the dilemma and explores itscontrolling countermeasures.This paper mainly contains telecom fraud crime of the connotation and characteristics,telecommunications fraud crime analysis stage, telecommunications fraud crime investigation ofthe dilemma and telecommunications fraud crime of controlling countermeasures.The author mainly from the first part of the definition of the telecommunications, through tothe nature of the telecom with the telecommunications appraised the current analytical fraud crimeof define, and then the author prompts the telecommunications fraud crime understanding. Theauthor thinks that telecom fraud crime refers to the criminal suspect is a illegal purpose forpossession, use telecommunication communication system of information transfer function,through the phone, text or media, using false facts or conceal the truth of cheating method, diddleamount larger the behavior of public or private property.The second part to the telecom fraud crime is the analysis of crime stage. It consists of threecomponents: one is the telecommunications fraud crime planning preparation period, two is toimplement fraud stage, three is the completed processing stage.The third part is the telecom fraud crime investigation of difficulties. The author of the fraudcrime of telecom characteristics and Consult the public security department comrade forinvestigation practice it is concluded that the telecom fraud crime detection now the existing mainproblems: to investigate obtain evidence difficult, recover the money and catch refugees,investigation cooperation mechanism not perfect and legal application difficult.The fourth part for telecommunications fraud crime is Investigation and controllingcountermeasures. It consists of prevention measures and countermeasures prosecutorial two parts.Prevention measures include telecom management, bank management, public security organs to safety propaganda of knowledge and remind and legislation. Investigation and ControlCountermeasures by the reconnaissance silver and electric enforcement collaboration, the use oftechnical means to Detective relying Sites of telecommunications fraud investigating this case andinvestigation coordination mechanism construction of five parts.
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