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The Telecommunications Network Fraud Crime Investigation Evidence Collection Research

Posted on:2017-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330488454609Subject:Public administration
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The crimes on Telecom network endanger people's lives and property and have had the influence on the stability of society and security of public. These new type of crimes have become the highlighted crimes in the field of public security. The crimes of online fraud have increased rapidly at an annual rate of 20? to 30?. In 2015, all of the Public Security Organs have placed 590000 cases related to online fraud in a file. Compared with the last year, it has increased 32.5%. All those online fraud crimes have caused the loss of 22.2 billion RMB. Since 2013, there have been 94 online fraud cases which has lost more than 10 million RMB and there has been 2085 online fraud cases which has lost more than 1 million RMB. The surge in the number of cases, the huge losses, the case of stolen goods difficult, has aroused widespread concern in the whole society and the central level.Telecommunications network fraud crime showing a rapid development and spread, involving a wide range of crime, criminal means more than a large number of people property losses, the perpetrators of the hidden deep, obvious characteristics of the industrial trend. The public security organs of the traditional investigation mode has not adapted to the crime of fraud telecommunications network, investigation into a passive situation. To find out the current work in investigation and evidence collection problems and weak links, propose verification from the information flow, capital flow verification, network traces to verify and server monitoring to obtain evidence of a crime and fixed, investigation and evidence collection scheme optimization, analysis of fraud in the telecommunications network optimization scheme for the typical case to prove the feasibility. Finally, through the establishment of a joint meeting system, fast alarm stop payment, public security organs and third-party payment companies joint working mechanism, blow crime synthesis operational mechanism etc. normalization mechanism innovation and protection of the investigation and evidence collection ways, carry out, and ultimately the public security organs contain the spread of fraud in the telecommunications network development momentum against the arrogance of criminals.
Keywords/Search Tags:Online fraud, investigation and evidence, prevention and contral strategy
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