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The Origin Of "One Household,Multiple Housing Lands" In Rural China And Its Countermeasures

Posted on:2014-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330425979502Subject:Civil law
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The object of this paper is the Origin of “One Household, Multiple Housing Lands” inRural China and Its Countermeasures.In accordance with our current legislation, we adoptone-household-one-house system in Rural residential land. But the actual situation in ruralareas is that a large number of villagers possess more than one homestead. It is not only awaste of scarce land resources, but also hinder the implementation of the social equity topossess more of the homesteads. On this account, we should take effective measures to solvethis problem.The article is divided into five parts:introduction、text、thank and reference, the first partputs forward the problems. I want to start with a real example, through the illustration andanalysis of the case proposing the object of this article, namely solve rural housing issues. Thesecond part analyzes the current situation of rural residential land numbers from the respectsof legal provision and social practice. According to the law, we carry out strictly system ofone-household-one-house, but the actual situations in social practice are not the case. Interms of this contradiction, I find it imperative to put forward the solutions for rural housing.In the third part, I will elaborate the reasons of rural housing problem. It is very complicated,but in its nature we generalize two of them, they are legal and illegal. Hereby, in this part Iwant to enumerate the specific forms of expression. There are two causes for more-households-one-house,therefore, we should resort to corresponding methods based on variedcauses. The fourth part is the focal point of this article. I set forth, for a greater part of thisarticle,solutions for the problem of one possesses more than one homestead. Based on thedifferent causes we adopt corresponding measures.If it is caused by illegal reasons, we couldstrengthen propagate the laws and regulations、specific the time of remove the old house andbuild new house、spcific the concept of the household and strengthen supervise.If it is causedby legal reasons, we shall regulate the circulation of the house and housing land、the quit ofthe housing land and collect tax of the hold tax and resource tax. Only in this way, can wesolve the rural housing problems basically. The finally part is the conclusion,brieflysummarizes this article.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural residential land, The use right of residential land, One Household, one Housing Lands, Multiple Housing Lands
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