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Ukraine’s Post-cold War Foreign Policy(1991-present)

Posted on:2015-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since independence, Ukraine’s Foreign Policy is increasingly becoming commonplace. Located in the center of Europe, Ukraine has very strategic significance. After the Cold War, Ukraine became a European independent country, making it a separate entity that gave the country an important geopolitical role in the international community. Ukraine’s independence brought major changes in the Eurasian geopolitical organization. Today, Ukraine continues to influence the geostrategic situation in the region. Big countries like the United States and Russia are now competing for Ukraine’s interest as an independent country with geostrategic importance.Ukraine has long been considered as one of the four major entities of global political and economic interests among which we can count Russia, European Union, NATO and the United States. Most Ukrainian and foreign political scientists tend to think that Ukraine is increasingly influenced by Russia, and the EU and Russia are now competing for Ukraine.Ukraine takes the right foreign policy, in order to ensure its national security and interests are preserved. It also seeks "great European" foreign strategic objectives in the international community.Ukraine experienced of core national interests from Western policy in the implementation of a balanced and pragmatic foreign policy. Ukraine is a nonnuclear, non-aligned country, committed to peace and avoid offending neither Russia nor the United States, it is positioned as European country with European integration as diplomatic strategic direction.The overall idea of this article is to study the basic theory as a foundation, review the development of Ukraine’s foreign policy, analyze the political and economical changes in Ukraine’s foreign policy as well as analyze the Ukrainian’s integration into the future development direction of the EU. There is a strong probability that Ukraine’s foreign policy will experience significant adjustments in the near future.
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