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Foreign Policy Of The European Union And Its Implications For The European Integration Of Ukraine

Posted on:2018-10-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Volodymyr ShevchukFull Text:PDF
GTID:1366330548467777Subject:International politics
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This work is dedicated to a comprehensive study of the current foreign policy aspects of the integration processes in the EU,that were validated after the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty,specifically:study of the influence of institutional changes in the EU,their impact on the nature of exterior relations with international centers of power-the US and China,as well as with the states of the Central-Eastern Europe.A separate course of this scientific research will be an applied examination of the scenarios for cooperation between Ukraine and the EU on a new legal basis-the Ukraine—European Union Association Agreement and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.The dissertation digests the hypothetical,methodological and theoretical grounds of the research of integration processes in the EU,and the phases of the latest reform of the most important intergovernmental integration association,the EU,have been methodically and theoretically analyzed for the very first time in the Ukrainian domestic political works.In specific,the steady impact of institutional changes in the EU towards the practice of its international collaboration with key international actors after the signing of the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified.The work also outlines and discovers the main tendencies of the development of the EU in the course of cooperation with the principal centers of power,primarily the US and China.The paper reveals the features of the EU organizational reform,as well as its effect on the development of relations with Ukraine in the framework of signing and ratifying the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.Significant attention is given to the strategic initiative of the EU towards the countries of Central and Eastern Europe,which was echoed in the format of the "Eastern Partnership" program.Such an arrangement allows countries to inform the EU about the issues of the future European integration,which can be seen as fulfilling the task of arranging for a more rapid and more profound integration into the European institutions.Such interpretations are confirmed by the fact that the "Eastern Partnership" allows Brussels' policymakers to differentiate the EU's foreign policy approaches to relations with the Southern(the Mediterranean Union)and Eastern European neighbors.Furthermore,it is also essential to emphasize separately that the introduction of the initiative has allowed to create completely new opportunities for enhancing interaction in the field of energy security within the relevant multidimensional thematic stage.In the context of the study,the author dwelled on the milestone document of the European integration process-the Treaty of Lisbon.Taken together,this document is designed to fortify the political integration of European countries.What is essentially important in this framework,it is the modeling of the situation in which the external relations of the EU with other top economic,military and political partners may develop.As it is on the development of large-scale relations with its most important partner,that a model of relations with China is being built,as well as with integration associations and organizations that are located in the region of Asia,Africa and North America.The significant place in the work is dedicated to the reflection of practical characteristics of the bilateral relations between the EU and Ukraine,which invariably pursues a strong policy of integration into the European economic,political,legal and,in general,civilized place.Analytical scenarios of the prospects for the development of collaboration between Ukraine-the EU and Ukraine-the Customs Union allow us to create probable scenarios for the potential prospect developments-take into consideration the losses and gains of Ukraine during the deepening of cooperation with each actor.This work represents a detailed study of the practical aspects of the EU foreign policy activity with its partners allows the Ukrainian authorities to cultivate an effective and competent plan for intensifying Ukraine's European integration.
Keywords/Search Tags:the European Union, the European Union Integration Process, the Treaty of Lisbon, Foreign Policy of Ukraine
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