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Rearch On Solutions Of Substitute Driving Disputes

Posted on:2015-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, a new service which is on behalf of driving is becoming more and more popular. For Yanji City, the past four years alone, there have been more than thirty companies starting to engage in the generation of driving services industries. However, in the process of development in this industry, what makes the development of this emerging industry not being easy and frequent disputes on behalf of driving is the controversial theory, laws and regulations blank, the lack of government regulation, industry associations vacancy numerous factors. Since there is no clear legal provisions, the nature of driving on behalf of the academic contract has been controversial, leading to the courts could not solve cases on behalf of the driving very favorable. What’s more, the lacking of legislation, government departments and the absence of social regulation and dispute resolution process also can make it difficult to achieve. This view, reasonable and proper to resolve the dispute on behalf of the driving force calls for a need for multi-joint perfect comprehensive problem.In this article, it points out that driving on behalf of the legal nature of the contract is clearly not part of any kind of contract law is among the famous contract, the contract is atypical nameless, so-called service contract. In dealing with disputes on behalf of driving, we should have agreed their agreements if they have, or providing that no agreement can be paid with reference to the commission contract deal. In dealing with disputes on behalf of driving we can refer commission paid under the contract for processing. It should be improved in various legislative, administrative supervision, industry associations after making it clearly in the responsibility on behalf of the issues driving after a dispute. First of all, facing the legislative status of current vacancies, we should be in the comprehensive management of civil, industry regulations and social norms are three aspects to improve legislation; In the Civilian aspects, it should be based on civil law, the law on behalf of the drive to develop a contract in contract law, with detailed legal provisions on behalf of the service for driving with regulation. In the Industry regulations, should establish a system of rules related to driving on behalf of the industry and the strengthening of economic and trade insurance benefits begin. About the Comprehensive management of social aspects, should establish a comprehensive service system on behalf of driving with the business sector,social media and policy. Secondly, the analysis of the operations in Korea after driving on behalf of the industry makes contributions to the behalf of our drive industry and driving on behalf of dispute prevention and resolution, such as the development on behalf of driving service standards to ensure quality of service, government, law, industry associations together regulators, insurance claims, etc. Finally, we also established trade associations, industry standards for unified specification. In this paper, in order to explore an effective way to resolve disputes on behalf driving, driving on behalf of industry to make legal and institutional regulation and protection, in order to better adapt to the market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Instead of driving, Contract nature, Service contract, Legal liability
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