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Historical Reflection On The Debate Of Problem And Doctrine

Posted on:2015-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G L ChangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330431486560Subject:History of development of Marxism
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The May4th Period is a particular period, in that time lots of new culture, new ideasand outside “doctrine” come alive. To explore the China`s development path Hu Shi whostood on the position of liberal reform in gradual claimed that we should focus more onproblems but not doctrines. This topic led to a debate of “problem and doctrine”. InChinese academic circles the controversy of “problem and doctrine” had always beenconsidered as the first confrontation of Pragmatism and Marxism. However, somescholars queried it in recent years; they thought the discussion of Hu Shi and Li Dazhaoshould not be regarded as the conflict of Pragmatism and Marxism, also not even theconfrontation of them no matter from the historical fact or academic level. This papercarried on new reflection and evaluation which based on historical facts about these twoopposite views in academic circles.For the dispute of “problem and doctrine”, both sides of the argument not only havethe similarities but also the differences. The bone of contention in guiding thought is acontroversy of Pragmatism and Marxism. In addition, they both had different views onthe revolution and improvement, the class struggle and so on. Besides differences, theirargument also has similarities, such as both of them considered that China need to beremolded, and they both have anti-feudalism consciousness, opposed to empty talk andso on.We must use the historical attitude to reflect the debate of "problem and doctrine",this controversy both has the promoting and negative effects on the early spread ofMarxism in China. The debate guided a large number of advanced activists turning toMarxism, opened the first exploration of sinicization of Marxism, But it also interferedpeople`s right value judgment on China Road, led to a internal split of the camp of thenew culture movement. Today, the brief debate still has more important significance toour real society. Based on the study of this dispute, we deeply realized that we must insiston "hundred flowers, schools of thought contend" in the academic circle, correctly handlethe relationship between the theory and practice, also the relationship between theforeign theory and national conditions of China and continue to promote the sinicizationof Marxism.
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