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The Study On State’s Informa-Tion Sovereignty Of The Legal System In The Age Of Big Data

Posted on:2015-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F X YaoFull Text:PDF
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Firstly,This paper defines the nature of the age of big data information, andbased on the discussion of information rights and ownership system, with twotypical cases,the “Google” event and the “Snowdon”event,analyzes the theoreticalbasis of legal protection and system information sovereignty. Secondly, startingfrom the clear the legal attribute of the data information sovereignty era, themanagement of the ownership of a series of “protection of critical infrastructureand assets” strategy from the American introduced to analysis and determine theinformation infrastructure and strategic significance. This paper also analyzes thecurrent legislation of the foreign countries information sovereignty (to USA andEU based), combined with the characteristics of socialist Chinese status obtainsthe Overseas Information Sovereignty law its enlightenment to china. The purposeof this paper is to construct the model of legal protection system of rules ageinformation sovereignty for the survival and development of large data, to explorethe mechanisms of international cooperation in large data information sovereigntyin times of national sovereignty, confirm the information on international division,eliminate information exporter leading information hegemony, to provide legalsafeguard for construction to promote the information sovereignty,law theorydevelopment of Information Sovereignty protection in order to improve and laythe foundation.
Keywords/Search Tags:The age of big data, information sovereignty of the national, virtual space, information security, legislative protection system
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