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Liming Village, Zaoshan Town, Guangan City, Sichuan Province Farmland Transfer Status And Countermeasures

Posted on:2015-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467968004Subject:Economic law
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Liming Village,Zaoshan Town,Guangan City,Sichuan Province is located in the westernrural China,from the introduction of the household contract responsibility system, the villagecollective land in accordance with the extent of fertile and land had divided into severalblocks awarded to the farmers, so that the land rights of the contracting households isrelatively fair, but it leads to smaller plots.And with a large number of young labor force turnto the city,which leads to the framing population aging,wasteland graduallyincreased,hindered the further development of Liming Village agriculture.Faced with such asituation,the Land Circulation must be carried out,the idle land should be transferred to thehands of the large scale contract farmer,and the land will be distributed centralized farming,topromote the further development of agriculture. Through the field research on LimingVillage,Zaoshan Town,Guangan City,Sichuan Province, the article analyzes the existingproblems of land transfer from three aspects which includes the farmers, the practice of landtransfer and supporting systems. Full text reads as follows:The first part,finishing the investigation report of main content.Mainly introduced thesituation of land utilization and the criterion of compensation for land expropriation ofLiming Village,and the main land transfer mode is rent.The second part analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of Liming Village of landtransfer.There are three advantages.Frist,with the help of Zaoshan Town government,landtransfer behavior of relatively standardized,and signed the land lease contract;Second,landrent is not static,but a floating system,according to the food price fluctuations,this is fair andreasonable to both sides.Third,the strong government intervention on land transfer promotesthe land circulation.Its shortcomings are also three.First,farmers own reasons,Liming Village farmersaffected by the low level of education,conservation thinking,they do not know how to learn about the latest agricultural policy.Followed by circulation problems,such as:land scatteredland transfer mode single,small-scale farmers of spontaneous circulation,land lessee failing topay rent.Finally,the lack of the supporting system:Guangan City not established land transferagency, lacking of the trading platform.Land transfer regulatory mechanism is not perfect, forthe lack of land transfer subsequent behavior regulation, there are some detrimental to theinterests of farmers.The third part, for the dawn of Liming Village land transfer proposed some measures toimprove the existing problems.Government must expand propaganda, propaganda-richcontent, increase supervision after the land transfer, establish village and township cadresregularly inspect the system, and build land transfer agency.Legislature to promote legislativereform, so that the rural land contract management rights secured by law, to implement"Agricultural land mortgage".Expansion of agricultural financing channels,promoting landcirculation, cultivating more agricultural contracting large.Judicial dispute resolutionmechanism should improve and simplify land dispute proceedings, expand the coverage ofJudicial Organization, increase detached tribunal to resolve the dispute.Countries shouldspeed up the construction of new pension, medical insurance system in rural areas of WesternChina, solving the worries of farmers, reducing life support functions of land, promoting landtransfer.
Keywords/Search Tags:land contract and management rights, land transfer, land circulationintermediary organizations, country land entrust, rural social security
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