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A Study On The Britain’s Policy Towards French Around The French Revolution

Posted on:2016-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Balance Police is a traditional policy of Britain. The origin of it is complexity. Since the modern times, Britain is famous of using it, especially during the period before and after the French Revolution. During that period, Britain had made the best use of this policy, depending on the rules of it.The early time of the French is the research object of this paper. Combining with the process of its birth, this paper gives a analysis of the Britain’s policy toward French, and then, It makes a conclusion that the Britain’s policy towards French is a part of the whole Balance Policy. What’s more, the policy towards French of Britain during that period is good for the national interests.The preface part mainly describes the starting point、theoretical and practical significance of this paper, and introduced the research results of domestic and abroad, especially the abroad.The first chapter is mainly to describe the traditional relation between French and Britain. By describing the relation between Britain and French before the French Revolution, the Mercenary system and, traditional foreign policy and its characteristics, this pare make a conclusion that the Britain’s foreign policy towards French is a part of the Balance Policy.The second part is mainly to analysis the relation between Britain and French in early years of the French Revolution. It includes three aspects, the international environment at that time, the influence of the other powers’ diplomatic policy, and the impact of domestic publics opinion. Then, it explained the reasons why did Britain take the Balance Policy.The third chapter is based on the clues of Britain, it explain the process of the origin of the first Anti-French Alliance. This part focus on reason why Britain against French, it includes three aspects, why did Britain change its policy toward French, and The formation of the First Anti-French Alliance.The last, by describing the relation of Britain and French during the early period of the French Revolution, it summarizes the ultimate reason why did Britain against the French.
Keywords/Search Tags:the French Revolution, Britain Neutral Interfere, the first Anti-French Alliance
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