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The Research Of Legal Aspect About The Release Goods Without Bill

Posted on:2016-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q K ZhengFull Text:PDF
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With the development of global economic integration, ship ping trade is reaching new heights, data shows that nearly 90% of global trade is done by sea, maritime security an d shipping order directly determines the order of internatio nal trade. While lading bill is the most important factor to maintain the transaction security, however, nowadays, the bill of lading system has experienced unprecedented challen ges-delivery of goods without original B/L. Delivery of go ods without B/L refers the case to receive goods from the carrier at the consignee without providing any documents. Delivery of goods without B/L not only do harm to the par ties’ legitimate right, but also a serious challenge to the bill of lading and shipping trade order. My paper will a nalyze delivery of goods without B/L phenomenon, and propose solutions for this problem of our countryIn the first part, I introduce several academic theories of delivery of goods without B/L and compare these theories to make the concept of B/L clear.In the second part, I introduce the reason of delivery of goods without original B/L and the impact and damage it brings to the shipping industry.In the third part, the article lists the rules of delivery of goods without B/L, and focus on the controversial "The Rotterdam Rules", and that will be the theory preparation of the next chapter which introduces how our country will absorb the experience of foreign legislation.The fourth part introduces the lack of domestic legislation, compares the international convention with the domestic legislation, and be a steppingstone of the next part that puts forward suggestion.The last chapter summarizes above, puts up suggestions of the defects of the legal system of our country, hope it will help to solve similar problems of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:delivery of goods without original B/L, bill of lading, countermeasure, the Rotterdam rules
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