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Agriculture-related Letter-petition Research Of NenJiang County

Posted on:2015-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467470453Subject:Rural and regional development
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The Letter-petition system is China characteristic system, As China’s political participation andpeople may express channel, The Letter-petition system plays a role of bridge and tie, between Theparty and the state and citizens。China is in the primary stage of socialism,In recent years, with thecontinuous deepening of economic and political reform and development of our country, The ruralreform has many problems, The farmer inquiry increased year after year.This paper want to frommultiple angles,Aanalysis of the reasons for Agriculture-related Letter-petition,and puts forward theCountermeasures, The purpose is to the social development of Nenjiang County and The new ruralconstruction To provide some help.In the first chapter of the paper, describes the general theory of Letter-petition, Elaborated theinquiry system in China the significance, history and current situation. The second chapter introducesthe Letter-petition definition, china nature and characteristics of the Letter-petition system.The thirdchapter analyzes the Letter-petition work of the current situation of Nenjiang County, Thecharacteristics of Nenjiang county were introduced,In recent years, my county Letter-petition reflectmore concentrated, rural collective and repeatedly leapfrog Letter-petition phenomenon is still serious.The fourth chapter is through the questionnaire, found the current main problems in the rural petition ofNenjing County and Characteristics are summarized. Through the questionnaire show the current Ruralsome easy petition problems triggered by. Characteristics of these Letter-petition have:trend fierce、thecomplexity of content、 solve the difficulty increases、 Selective the Letter-petition and Abnormalpetition letters occur frequently.At the same time, find out the five problems of current petition work in Nenjiang county, There aremainly: Old problems can not be solved,the pending petition To resolve the difficult; Under pressure,Busy to quell;Most The judicial cases influx of The channels of letters and visits; Policy is not open,Management is not standard, Arouse public discontent;The letters and visits system needs to explore.Inthe fifth chapter, For the rural petition work put forward countermeasures and suggestions under.Forthe current Nenjiang County Rural petition work also need to reform and perfect from the followingaspects: Administer thoroughly, Pay attention to prevention, To do the village petition fountainheadmanagement work; Petition sound "first asking responsibility system"; The township (town) goodprocessing the petition the first close; Improve the working linkage mechanism, Solve the difficultproblem of classification management; Around the center, strengthen the complaint informationscreening; Adhere to the mass line, the realization "three transformations"; Establish and improve thegrass-roots multistage letters network; The legal department to handle the complaint cases; Activelyguide the masses to reasonable and lawful way, step by step to express their demands.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agriculture related letters and visits, Questionnaire, Countermeasures and suggestions
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