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Research On Establishing The Environment Pollution Liability Insurance System In China

Posted on:2015-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467954394Subject:Economic Law
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With the high-speed development of economy and the enhancement of theindustrialized level in our country, the environment problem becomes severely serious.The frequency of major environmental pollution accidents continuously stimulate thenerve of the citizens and cause serious health and property damages to people. Due tohuge amount of damages caused by environmental pollution, enterprises could notafford. The victims cannot get timely and sufficient relief, thus resulting a series ofsocial unrest. To maintain social harmony and stability, the government was forced tobecome the final responsibility undertaker for the environment pollution accidents.Due to the high frequency of environmental pollution accidents, the governmentfinances no longer could afford. As a result, people actively seek new ways to solvethe environmental pollution compensation and prevent environmental pollution.Because of the large extent and amount of compensation, each country isexploring social relief ways to solve the trouble of compensation. As one of theeffective ways to solve the problem of environment pollution compensation, theenvironmental liability insurance system could provide relief for the victims, transferthe compensation liability to the insurance companies and ease the financial burdensof the governments by gathering the insurance premiums that a number of insurance companies pay. Based on the theory of liability insurance, this paper studies thesocial root of the environmental liability insurance and learn the histories of theenvironmental liability insurance from other countries. By do these, I expect toprovide a series of useful suggestion in order to establish and improve the system ofthe environmental liability insurance.This article is divided into six parts:The first part mainly introduces the basic theories of the liability insurance andthe environmental liability insurance. And also, this part analyzes the relationshipbetween the civil responsibility system and the environmental liability insurance.The second part mainly discusses the social basis and theoretical basis of theenvironmental liability insurance under the background of social relief to theenvironment pollution.The third part primarily introduces the histories and future trends of theenvironmental liability insurance of other countries. By learning the histories, wecould gain valuable experience to establish our own environmental liability insurance.The fourth part principally explains the necessity of establishing theenvironmental liability insurance by analyzing the serious environment pollution andthe trouble of relief provided by traditional civil responsibility system.The fifth part discusses the feasibility of establishing the environment liabilityinsurance in our country.The sixth part analyzes the specific system of the environmental liabilityinsurance. It includes the insurance pattern choice, the extent of guarantee and so on.
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