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The Identification Of Nature Of Right To The Contracted Management Of Rural Land Transfer Contract With Land Expropriation The Determination Of Compensation Of Belonging

Posted on:2014-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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since the ancient times our country is agricultural country, rural land is the basicsafeguard farmers’ life, in recent years, the frequent occurrence of right to thecontracted management of land contract disputes, to cause adverse effect to thecontracted management of land circulation, with the speeding up of urbanization, theland contract disputes and trigger war compensation allocation problem, it is enoughto affect farmers’ life, should be taken into consideration seriously. To this end, theauthor through to the right to the contracted management of land transfer contractcase analysis to distinguish the difference between the right to the contractedmanagement of land transfer and subcontract, in order to determine the allocation ofland expropriation compensation. This article is divided into five parts, the maincontent is as follows:The first part is the introduction part, for the results in this paper to view.The second part, it is an introduction to the case of contracted management ofland circulation of the case, the case dispute focus of disputes and, clarify adisagreement over reason.The third part, it is to introduce the related legal theory and the case analysis,through to the right to the contracted management of land transfer and subcontract,elaborates the related theory of land expropriation compensation, state the reasons forthe differences on the exist at last, the author analysis of the case put forward theirviews.The fourth part, combining with case analysis and illustration of the theory, theauthor put forward the perfect right to the contracted management of land transfer andrelated opinions of subcontract.The fifth part is epilogue part, this paper expounds the contents of the summary.
Keywords/Search Tags:right to the contracted management of land, transfer, subcontract, compensation for land expropriation
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