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The Enlightenment Of Marx's Idea Of Differential Land Rent To Solve The Problem Of Agricultural Land In China

Posted on:2019-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Marx thought of differential rent is an important part of Marx's land rent theory,the Chinese although not in a historical stage of Marx's land rent theory,land rent theory,but Marx proposed land ownership,land rent and other historical areas still exist in our country,as long as there is the separation of land ownership and land use rights of the situation.There will be the basic conditions of land rent.Therefore,although Marx's theory of land rent is put forward on the basis of private ownership of capitalist land,it can reveal the general rule of land rent under market economy.In our country under the condition of socialist market economy,with the continuous development of the economic structure,productivity and the continuous optimization and economic operation mechanism is becoming more perfect,the value of land has been changed,and the scarcity of land resources and limited will itself has caused various problems and contradictions in the deepening of the land.Building a well-off society in an all-round way is China's current national conditions.The rural area is the key and difficult point.The development of the rural areas needs effective activation of the rural production factors.Therefore,in the new situation,the main line of deepening the rural reform is still dealing with the relationship between the farmers and the land.The article is divided into four chapters,the first chapter introduces the formation of Marx land tax theory,elaborated Marx land tax thought formation background,namely Britain and other capitalist countries to land disputes and colonial land problems,but also analyzes the theoretical source of the formation of Marx land tax,including William-petty and James Anderson,Adam Smith and David Ricardo,form and characteristics of rent thoughts,these have laid the foundation for later Marx proposed the system of differential rent theory;the main contents of the second chapter of Marx land tax theory,mainly from the essence of the two forms of differential rent and differential rent form the natural and social conditions,the differential land rent to discuss these aspects,revealing the land tax form As the source of surplus value is superior and medium agricultural workers to create this theory;the third chapter is based on the idea of Marx differential rent,analysis of China's agricultural land problems,including low income,poor farming conditions,backward development mode caused by agricultural land abandonment,because transfer price is low,the transfer period is short and the transfer rate is not high the circulation of agricultural land,compensation for expropriation compensation subject,compensation scope,compensation of unknown narrow single mode and a series of land;the fourth chapter in Marx land tax theory,find the solutions corresponding to the problems mentioned earlier.In order to solve the problem of idle land in rural areas,increasing the income of farmers,increase investment in agriculture and promote the development of modern agriculture and other methods;in order to solve the problem of rural land circulation,an increase in land transfer price,extended mode innovation in land transfer land transfer period and method;to solve the issue of compensation of rural land expropriation,compensation income,explicit identity expand the scope of land requisition compensation and development strategy and improve the processing mechanism of compensation disputes.
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