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Monopolistic Behavior And Legislation About The Chinese Professional Football League

Posted on:2016-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470953797Subject:Economic Law
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Showing the particular quality of participation and competition, sports has always been highly respected and adored. With the transformation of the pattern of economic development, the traditional model of sports can no longer meet the growing demands of people, which has been replaced by the development of specialization and industrialization. As similar with other modes of industrial development, sports has gradually expanded its extension which helps the development of the comprehensive industrial mode of sports, such as sports tourism, sports intermediary as well as sports media. Meanwhile, there are professionals and managers who take sports as a career, which gradually leads the development of the professional sports.As can be seen from the development of each country worldwide, sports has become a rising pillar industry while the ratio of the income of professional sports accounts for in each country’s GDP increases year by year. Though sports plays a multifaceted role in promoting a country’s progress, it raises lots of questions and disputes as well. Due to the lack of a thorough league mechanism, there is no guarantee for the administrative control of the league and the power of the major marketing participants, and the conflicts referring to interests among the clubs cause some bad effects. For example, soccer fraud and black whistle happen frequently, the corruption leads by the abuse of power overflows, the degree the judicial office intervenes is weak and the set up of the access barrier of the league is common. Therefore, it is important to regulate the issues in the football market so that we can standardize the invest market, and attract more private capital to improve the developing environment of the professional football.In this paper, I use methods like systematic analysis, literature, comparative research and so on to explore the root cause of the problems related to the Chinese professional football. We can see from the analysis that professional sports has been deeply affected by the administrative factors in the beginning of its development. The Football Association abuses the executive power in the performance of duty because the association hasn’t separated management from enforcement along with the project management center. At the same time, the abuse of the administrative power cannot be supervised because of the lack of the relative mechanical supervision and management. The monopolistic conducts in the professional football league mainly represent as the restriction for transferring membership, the control for the rebroadcast, the frequent behavior of venue marketing and the artificial operation of the league. The key to solve all these problems is to thoroughly separate the executive power and the operation management from the football association, and delegate them to the Chinese Football Association Super League; building a harmonious league mechanism, recording items into the anti-monopoly law and improving relative legal system and the relevant market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional football, Monopolistic conducts, Player-membership transferring, anti-monopoly regulations
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