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Research On Consumer Interest Litigation Plaintiff

Posted on:2016-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the deepening of reform and opening up, rapid economic and social development, people’s living standards greatly improved, consumer goods market growing prosperity. However, consumer goods producers, operators of ethical standards and legal ability to lack self-discipline; consumer goods production and management of environmental conditions, and different skill levels; legal and administrative regulation is not perfect, resulting in uneven quality of consumer goods,counterfeit products flooding the market, product safety when problems occur. In the interests of a wide range of backgrounds, some unscrupulous traders in order to chase profits lost the basic moral bottom line. Fraud, selling events continue to sting people’s nerves. The newly revised "Consumer Protection Law" Background of traditional methods can not meet the private interest litigation group of consumer disputes, but also weaker law enforcement. The introduction of consumer interest litigation, is that items have been proven to be effective to maintain the system of Western consumer rights. However, the new "Consumer Protection Act" to do more of this provision is a matter of principle, it is difficult to successfully enter the consumer interest litigation practice areas of operation. On the one hand there is a lot of public interest litigation consumption needs of the consumer to solve the problem to protect their interests; on the other hand, the law on consumer welfare Litigation provision is not perfect, but also affect the conduct of public interest litigation consumption, thus affecting the timely, effective, widely safeguard the interests of consumers. This paper defines the public interest of consumers, the concept of consumer welfare litigation,consumer interest litigation plaintiff’s legal problems. From reality, based on the basic national conditions of China at this stage, given the perfect proposal consumer interest litigation plaintiff system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Consumer interest litigation, public interest, plaintiff qualifications
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