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The Study On Property Declaration Of Leading Cadres From The Perspective Of Administrative Ethics

Posted on:2017-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330482999087Subject:Administrative Management
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Property declaration of leading cadres has now become a popular topic. In recent years, the housing uncle, cousin events occurrence frequently. Why so difficult to control the property of leading cadres? What is the political legitimacy of the leading cadres’ property declaration? Where is moral rationality? How to improve it in practice? These issues profoundly test the property declaration of leading cadres from where to some place. Whatever institutional research status or the current situation, the study of the leading cadres’ property declaration has becoming an urgent and realistic issue. Research from an administrative ethics perspective of the leading cadres’ property declaration, not to deny the effectiveness of management path, the political path and legal path, nor is it to be replaced in ethics, but trying to use the advantages of ethics to compensate the lack of above means. It means we will use the special features of ethics to solve the problem, to find a new path to improve the effectiveness of the property declaration, to supervise the government and its officers carry out their duties, and also to provide ethical support for construction of responsible government.Based with "basic theory- problems- problems of ethical analysis- ethical path construction" to write this article. Firstly, I sort out the current research of the property declaration, thus forming a holistic understanding. Thereafter, explaining the relevant concepts and theoretical research topic involved.The study with the method of theory and practice, the norm and evidence and the combination of logic and historical norms. Then, based on the current property declaration, summarized and analyzed the main problems. Analyzing the ethical shortcoming through the surface phenomena, and further exploring the conflicts of it. Finally, I will find a new way to solve those problems.Leading cadres’ property declaration is not only a pure governance mechanism who has overstepped ethics, but also permeated with profound ethical spirit, they all embody the ethical responsibility to implement and practice. To resolve the "official-based" and "people-based" values conflict, with the “most people" and "minority" conflict, the key is the key is to strengthen the cultivation of civic ethics, and enhance awareness of citizen participation, to guide citizens supervise the public power and then distribute a cultural environment and then distribute a cultural environment; to solve problems about role conflict, power conflicts, conflicts of interest, need to strengthen the leading cards’ self-cultivation, cultivate a sense of responsibility, conscientiously fulfill the obligation to declare their assets, let the main body know their own responsibility; to resolve the "legal declaration" and "reason to declare" entangled, "system conceived" and "institutional backwardness" of the conflict, "he declared open" and "secret declaration" game, it is necessary to strengthen the institutionalization of the property declaration, but also to strengthen institutional ethical path construction, better the system construction of the property declaration. Only build the path of property declaration from the perspective of administrative ethics, we can find a good cultural environment of property declaration, to balance with personal morality and institutional ethics, enhance the sense of discipline, and gradually allow the "discipline" as a habit, eventually leading cadres to morality of "perfection", achieve the effective combination of ethical system and institution ethics, make out scientific and reasonable system, to promote the normative development of the leading cadres’ property declaration and play a real role of supervision.
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