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Research On The Personal Tort Liability Of High Voltage Electric Shock

Posted on:2017-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the operating activities of high voltage power transmission have increasingly become an important part of national economic and social activities, followed by a growing number of high voltage electric shock accidents. This paper aims to discuss the tort liability of the high voltage electric shock cases. First of all, the paper would analyze the judicial practice problems and contradictions of law application. Then it would discuss the application of liability principles and the choice of the responsibility subject, in order to find out the general standard in judicial practice. Finally, it would do some analysis on the practical problems of compensation for spiritual damages, seeking maximum protection for victims’rights and interests.This paper consists of five parts.The first chapter, it firstly do some discussion on the problems and controversy in judicial practice. The first point is the disputed law of application in this case in China. The second point is the responsibility judgment in chaos. The third point is the inaccurate identification of the main responsibility.The second chapter, it would analyze the application of no-fault imputation principle on high voltage electric shock cases, and then discuss the law of application and judgment practice.The third chapter, based on the analysis of applicable law, it would discuss the choice of the responsibility subjects, and then discuss the methods of bearing civil liability between the responsibility subjects.The fourth chapter, it would analyze the application and calculation of compensation for spiritual damages, exploring a reasonable judgment way in judicial practice.The final chapter, it would do some conclusions and propose some practicable suggestions on such cases.
Keywords/Search Tags:high voltage, personal injury by tort, the principle of no-fault liability, responsibility body
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