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Study On Personal Injury Tort Liability Due To High-Voltage Electric Shock

Posted on:2017-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As technology advances, the further development of industrial civilization, both agricultural and industrial rapid growth in electricity consumption in people's lives or electricity, high voltage can effectively reduce energy loss during transport, and therefore within the scope of the world widely used. In the high voltage during operation, the danger can not be ignored, high voltage electric shock casualties have occurred, whereby compensation disputes arising more and more, and gradually attention.High voltage electric shock personal injury compensation dispute is not a traditional infringement case. How to effectively solve, handle such disputes, damages and reasonable division of responsibility, to achieve effective compensation for the victim has a very important practical significance. In our current legal system, since the provisions of different laws on tort liability in such cases do not coincide, resulting in the judiciary are still a lot of controversy in dealing with such disputes. Therefore, the issue of tort liability should such cases in-depth discussion.Thesis is divided into four chapters, the first chapter introduces the tort liability in such cases the research background, significance, research status and research methods Chapter Two A typical high voltage electric shock personal injury liability disputes, for example, on the merits and the verdict were introduced. Chapter III trial for the case in the presence of the four focus of controversy (the main responsibility, responsibility principle, exemptions and applicable law) were analyzed and summarized the research focused on tort liability similar cases were studied. The fourth chapter analyzes the above studies, similar to the practice of law proposed after enlightenment, enlightenment in which the legislative level is clearly defined high pressure and low pressure to take a different responsibility principle and exemptions, uniform provisions of the constituent elements of tort liability, the main responsibility, exemptions, etc; Revelation judicial level, including the judiciary should be familiar with the case, identifying some basic power industry, power industry references reasonable laws and regulations; both the Enlightenment to include attention to the electricity supply cut-off point, and the definition of property rights on electricity facilities routine maintenance work, the last hope for the establishment of high-voltage power operations liability compulsory insurance, the loss of social responsibility, reduce the economic burden of both incidents, thus effectively reducing the compensation dispute.
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