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The Origin, Development And Enlightenment Of Western Democracy

Posted on:2017-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Democracy is a sensitive issue. In many people’s opinion, democracy is a universal value, but also a prerequisite for the prosperity of our country. But it is difficult to say in history that democracy leads country to the prosperity, the proportion of the national share of real prosperity is very small; some countries copy the democracy that not only embark on a prosperous path, but into a long-term turmoil. The same seed rooted in the soil of different countries has grown two completely different fruits, the reason is the different soil composition. In a large number of factors, the most important factor in this paper is the rule of law that influences the sweet and sour "fruit". Therefore, this article selected a large amount of historical material to prove that the rule of law is the basic conclusions of the democracy, by the method of historical empirical analysis of local customs and rule of law in the various historical periods of ancient and modern major democracies. This paper argues that democracy may be a good system, but over-democratization will only lead to collapse and the breakdown of social order. Building democratic institutions should consider the social politics, economy, education, the rule of law in particular. Expand the scope of civil rights by the people can only rely on the legislature and the judiciary be resolved by way of a proposal or action, "human rights" is absolutely not as an excuse to break the bottom line of the representative. The public opinion should not dominate Legislation or judicial decisions. It determines a country’s level of democracy is not democracy per se, but the extent of the rule of law in that country. The rule of law is the real fundamental cornerstone of the prosperity of the country.
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