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Study On The Legal Regulation Of China’s Cigarette Packing Marking

Posted on:2017-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ten years has passed since the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control had come into force in China,in this time,China has taken a series of measures about Tobacco Control in its own ways.There is no doubt,all those measures reflect that Chinese government pay attention to Tobacco Control,and those also make a contribution to Tobacco Control in fact.But,the situation that China have to face is still serious,especially in the field of cigarette packaging,current measures are insufficient.In order to implement the obligations of the convention in a batter way,and realize the objective of tobacco control to protect the public health. This paper want to discuss how to improve the cigarette packing system of China by draw lessons from the foreign experience.As the purpose of this paper is to improve the relevant laws and regulations to further improve the relevant laws and regulations through the analysis of the existing provisions on cigarette packaging, so exclude the introduction and conclusion, this article consists of three sections:Section One will discuss the cigarette packaging of relevant laws and regulations on China, to analysis its causes, contents,goals,significance and the change of cigarette packaging in China, introduce the current cigarette packaging rules on China in summary.Section Two discuss the positive and negative effect of Chinese cigarette packing system in combination with the foreign experience.This section want to discuss the effects of the current cigarette packaging in China, and make a preliminary summary of the problems that may exist.At the same time, considering the tobacco control problem is not only a country’s individual situation, it is a global problem, so this part also introduce practice and experience of foreign relevant tobacco packaging.Section Three will list the improvement about cigarette packing.Through the integration of the above two sections, from the perfect the corresponding laws andregulations and comprehensive legislation, as well as to amend the existing provisions of the packaging point of view, proposed some ways to improve cigarette packaging in China.
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