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Study On The Legal System Of Internet Bank Risk Regulationin Our Country

Posted on:2017-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Starting from the twentieth century, the rapid development of information technology led people step into the information age. Many traditional industries began to combine with internet technology, creating a lot of new industries. At the 12 th National People’s Congress in 2015, Prime Minister Li put forward a plan of “Internet+”, which led to a concept that internet companies would dominate the development of the economy. The combination of traditional bank and internet forms the internet bank.When the first internet bank has set up in the United States in 1995, its properties of low cost, high efficiency, wide range, and high speed gradually changed our understanding of financial industries. Daily personal trading, deposits, financial management, enterprise investment and loans all could be implemented through the internet banks conveniently and quickly. In our country, internet banks are mainly formed by the commercial banks expanding their business to the internet. The diversification of the internet bank business made it become an important part of financial market development in our country. However, because the development of our country commercial internet banks have just started, a lot of new risks and problems also ensued. And these risks and problems would greatly limit the development of the internet bank.Aim at the emerging internet bank financial industry, our country need to establish a new regulation law system to maintain the stable development of it. Today, the legal regulation of internet bank in our country still has a lot of loopholes, for example, regulation target is not correct, regulation system is not perfect, and supervision method is not effective. To solve these problems, this paper proposed that we could draw lessons from the internet bank regulation system of developed countries. And then, combining our country’s basic national condition and economic level, we could establish a suitable regulation legal system to the internet banks in our country. The concept of regulation system could benefit to guarantee the healthy development of our country’s internet banks, and has an important significance to the financial industry development.
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