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Research Of College Sports Yoga Curriculum Present Situation And Development Countermeasure Of Ordinary College In Gansu Province

Posted on:2016-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, as the economy develops, yoga is more and more popular.Various yoga springing up, full of streets. Yoga based on the needs of national fitness campaign; according to the needs of development of yoga; according to the needs of the new school physical education curriculum reform in colleges and universities also offer a full swing. Yoga classes at colleges and universities in Gansu Province has also been a rapid development, as an elective course added to the curriculum in college sports, but in the process there are still many problems, that misinterpreted the Yoga original idea. In addition, there has not been the majority of colleges and universities offer yoga classes, I studied this subject, aims to promote yoga classes conducted in Gansu Province universities provide some reference,explicit the importance of the promotion of yoga that conduct yoga classes at colleges and universities, and strengthen yoga practice scientifically, professionally, and finally advance development of yoga classes comprehensive and systematically in Gansu Province.My article choose 8 colleges and universities that offer yoga classes and 11 are not for the study, through literature, investigation, mathematical statistics and logical analysis,studies on present situation of college conducted yoga classes, the cognitive to yoga of students, the status quo of yoga teachers, equipment and venue for the status quo does not offer yoga classes for college and conduct investigations in Gansu Province and analysis the following conclusions:1. The universities offer yoga courses in Gansu Province, the yoga course syllabus is clear, the purpose of the task of teaching, teaching objectives is clear; teaching content is abundant, but lack the theoretical teaching; teaching methods and means can meet the yoga teaching, but most of it is traditional teaching methods, and lack innovative teaching methods;the multimedia teaching methods have not yet implemented; fewer teaching hours, can not meet the needs of students of yoga; lack professional yoga teaching material; assessment content is mostly technical assessment, lack of yoga theoretical knowledge examination.2. The universities that offer yoga classes in Gansu Province, students learn yoga by single way; most students like yoga classes, and have a explicit purpose; but the situation that students participating in extracurricular yoga is not optimistic.3. The universities that offer yoga classes in Gansu Province, Yoga teachers all women and tends to middle aged; and low education, teaching life is short, professional counterparts,but yoga teachers have a clear understanding of yoga.4. The universities that offer yoga classes in Gansu Province, have a good yoga teaching venue construction; teaching venues, teaching equipment, facilities are less developed; theteaching environment is more severe, but Yoga Courses in basic conditions.5. The universities that offer yoga classes in Gansu Province, have basic site conditions that yoga classes commenced, but lack basic teaching equipment; leadership and management courses related to yoga classes offer a positive attitude, but the degree of attention of school leaders and teachers and students need to be improved, and the need to increase financial input of Yoga Course.Through the above conclusion, obtain the measures of yoga development in colleges and universities in Gansu Province:1. To create a good yoga class campus culture, widely held among the various Academic exchanges yoga; 2. Efforts to improve teaching conditions yoga classes provide good teaching facilities; 3. Strengthen the construction of yoga teachers, yoga teachers to improve professional quality; 4. Yoga classes sound evaluation system; 5.Standardize teaching yoga classes; 6. Optimization of teaching methods, improve teaching effectiveness; 7. Create integrated lessons learned inside and outside, to promote the campus of yoga club; 8. Strengthen the study of theoretical research and development countermeasures of yoga classes.According to the above findings and develop countermeasures for yoga classes to make the following suggestions to colleges and universities in Gansu Province:1. To unify yoga course syllabus, textbooks, clear teaching purpose, standardise purpose,standardize teaching content, improve yoga classes and evaluating the system.2. To intensify propaganda yoga classes, increase the way that students’ understanding yoga and guide students to participate in extracurricular yoga, yoga classes and to promote the formation of extra-curricular integration.3. Create a yoga teacher training conditions to improve the overall level of yoga teachers;to introduce more yoga teachers to encourage sports colleges or professional Yoga Teachers College, transport yoga teachers to university and the society.4. To improve yoga teaching venue facilities, enrich yoga teaching aids, equipment,optimize yoga courses, add yoga classes academic exchanges and lectures.5. To improve teachers’ satisfaction with the effectiveness of yoga classes and elective student learning satisfaction and guarantee the successful completion of the task of teaching.6. Leadership of College in Gansu Province should raise concern about yoga classes,yoga is not speeding up the Yoga college courses.
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