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The Reconstruction On Financial Capital Settlement And Payment System Of Jitang College Of Hebei United University

Posted on:2016-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the quick development of higher education in China, there’s also distinct increase in scale and outlay of running the university, and in fund settlement. Traditional payment system with cash, checks, transfer of funds centers cannot fit to the present large-scaled funds settlement. And it brings a great challenge to the funds settlement of colleges and universities. With popularizing of Internet and development of electric funds settlement, some colleges and universities have been trying to make a transfer from the traditional cash settlement, check settlement to new ways of funds settlement which includes credit card settlement, corporate online bank settlement, and etc. How to use developed information network technology platform and electric settlement platform to conduct effective connection and realize no-cash settlement through online bank payment system? It has become an important part of finance settlement reformation for all colleges and universities currently.The paper will take Jitang college of Hebei United University as an example to deep analyze. According to the present fund payment system situation of Jitang college, the paper will study the fund paying problem of Jitang college. By utilizing modern payment system of banking financial institutions, such as electronic banking system, clearing system, union pay payment systems and other important banking system tools, with the internet technology and information technology as the carrier, and on this basis, we need to implement financial management and capital settlement work comprehensive information construction, and to explores the new system and new mode of financial settlement on no cash. On which the financial system is focused on how to combine the computer network technology and the bank financial payment system, through the transformation and reconstruction of each section of traditional pay system to optimize the cash payment system in Jitang college, we architecture new settlement system to transform reimbursement business processes, improve the financial management level and work efficiency, guarantee the safety of the funds in Jitang college. Based on the research of Jitang college financial funds payment system in order to realize the accounting information, no cash, we should transfer financial management of Jitang college from the accounting computerization transition to comprehensive accounting information, thus further standardize accounting of institutions of higher learning, improve the capital management level and service level, meet the needs of the development of the times, and promote the rapid development of the college career.
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