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Research Of The Communication Between Open-type Motion Control Card And HMI

Posted on:2015-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330422481694Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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With the acceleration of industrialization process, the research and implementation ofindustrial automation is always a research hotspot. Relative to the early control system fordedicated machine, the open-type motion controller gradually becomes the core research areaof industrial automation. Due to the development of open-type motion control card abroad,the domestic technology has been correspondingly increased and also appeared a variety ofsolutions for the control systems. Transfer and processing of data is always the main line inhuman-computer interaction and motion control process. Data exchange is frequentlyhappened in a complex control system. Most of motion control cards only implement a singlechannel for the transmission of data. It’s obviously not an optimal solution for an efficientcontrol system.Aiming at these problems, the thesis analyzes the current development situation of theopen-type motion control card, as well as its communication implementations. Proposedmulti-channel communications between motion control card and HMI based on DSP andFPGA architecture. Optimized data exchange solution in control system. This thesis discussedthe general scheme of motion control card, packaging and delivery of data and PCI driverimplementation.Researches of this thesis include: Firstly, discussed the general scheme ofcommunication solution between motion control card and HMI. Determine the multi-channelPCI communication mechanism based on dual-port RAM and FIFO and extended serialcommunication based on Modbus. Introduce the selection of the core components on themotion control card. Secondly, deeply discuss the implementation of PCI-bus driver in theWindows platform according to the design requirements. Introduce the data exchange andprocess in application software layer, driver layer and the underlying layer of motion controlcard. Use a homing control process as a specific example to introduce the communicationsolution. Then, through the study of Modbus serial communication, discuss the function codedefinition, address planning, slave protocol on motion control card and variable baud in thecommunication process with the touch screen. Finally, build test platform for thecommunication performance. On the platform, test the PCI-bus communication speed viadifferent channels, multi card function of PCI driver and packet loss rate and response time ofserial communication. Demonstrate the feasibility of this communication solution betweenmotion control card and HMI. At last, use an auto barker control system to show the effect of the communication solution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Motion Control Card, DSP, FPGA, PCI driver, Modbus
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