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Research Of Communication Mechanism Of The Geneamp PCR System

Posted on:2015-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330431971182Subject:Computer technology
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Polymerase chain reaction referred to as PCR, emerged in the80、of the twentiethcentury, can simulate the organism environment and the specific DNA fragment wasampliifed in vitro replication. People under the PCR technology, combined withcertain sotfware and hardware technology to simulate human environmental conditions,produced specifically for DNA amplification service equipment, namely thermal cycler(referred to as PCR instrument). With the process of the social network promotion,PCR instrument it is also necessary to communicate with other devices. But thistechnology is not very mature,which requires more technology to supportcommunication with other devices PCR instrument.PCR instrument technology from the research articles and status communication,this paper proposes a PCR instrument and PC, respectively, the next machine designand reliable communications. Articles from project implementation perspective,for thecommunication of both structural and functional requirements,custom communicationprotocols to standardize the communication process. Among them, and the next crewcommunication process, the next crew to select broader application of51series,usingRS232serial communication for data communication between the two sides; choosePC as a PC, the application of embedded development technology for the PC to writeand PCR instrument procedures combining QT technology to complete the developmentof graphical PC PC client interface, and wireless communication process,the finalcompletion of parsing the data stream protocol frame to achieve PCR instrumentrespectively and the next crew, PC data exchange and feedback control process.The specific content of the article is as follows:(1) Briefly describe the background and significance of the study PCR instrumentcommunication mechanism, summarized the working principle of PCR instrument,thestatus of development of communication technology and PCR techniques.(2) Performance requirements for PCR instrument proposed overall design PCRinstrument communication system,and separately for each function modules wereintroduced system. Then for each functional module features complete the specifichardware and sotfware design.(3) According to the MCU and the actual job requirements PCR instrument,inthe traditional format of data transmission based on a custom serial communicationprotocol, which uses CRC checksum part cyclic redundancy check algorithm, not only for data detection capability, and simple hardware implementation and data analysis toensure the reliability of data transmission. Second, there may be confusion in the articlefor the conflict flag character and a data portion,a proposed method of a transparentdesign.(4) Based PC and wireless transmission requirements with PCR instrument,custom application layer network communications data frame format. To ensure thereliability of the data transmission process,the article is designed to increase the correctframe format and a negative acknowledge response frame format defined in thereceiving end of parsing the received information needs to be sent back to the end of theanalysis results,if the check result data error or data format does not comply,then thenegative feedback response frame (PCR-NAK) message to the sender to send siderespond accordingly; If the result is all normal,the feedback correct response frame(PCR-ACK) information.Finally, according to the communication protocol designed simulation experiments,a reliable protocol,accuracy was tested,experimental results show that the design ofthe communication protocol with high reliability and accuracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:PCR instrument, embedded systems, serial communication, communication protocol, Wireles
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