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The Design And Implementation Of High-speed Fiber Data Transmission Interface Card Based On FPGA

Posted on:2015-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467466182Subject:Computer technology
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With the rapid development of information technology, the flow of dataexchange is increasing, as a result, the requirement of data transmission speed is alsoincreasing. Especially in aerospace, weapons, radar, space exploration and otherfields, not only the data is large, but also need remote real-time transmission, whichrequires the electronic systems equipment remain and stable in a long time andhigh-speed data transmission, and in order to ensure real-time data and theeffectiveness. Because of the traditional parallel bus interconnect technology needtake a lot of chip pins and PCB space, along with the demand of the higher datatransmission rate, to achieve complete synchronization between multiple signal linesis almost impossible. In order to offset the crosstalk, it needs to insert isolationground to the middle of signal lines, so that the number of bus increased suddenly.As a result, the board-level routing’s complexity and difficulty is increasing rapidlyand also the electronic systems can’t meet the needs of miniaturization. When thetime of parallel bus wiring, it is difficult to ensure each route’ length and electricalcharacteristics consistent, as a result, the signal will arrive at different times and It’seasy to appear a signal deviation. By contrast, the high-speed serial transmissionrequires only a small number of signal lines can achieve a high transfer rate, often,the transfer rate up to Gigabit. High-speed serial bus interface uses differential signaltransmission, such as LVDS interface, CML interface etc. Differential signalinterface adopts point-to-point connection structure to receive and send data.So thatit has the advantage of fast transmission speed and low error rate. The serialtransmission has reduced the use of chip pin number, thereby, it reduces thedifficulty of the printed circuit board layout, and saves the cost of the developmentprocess. Because it can achieve a high rate of long distance data communication, andtherefore it has widely applied to various kinds of data communication system.Therefore, this paper first introduces the FPGA (Field Programmable LogicDevices) and the hardware description language which used to implement the FPGAdesign, then analyzed the PCI bus interface and the peripheral circuit design of optical transceiver module, studied the GTP high-speed serial data transmissioninterface and Aurora data link layer protocol which used to data transmission.Finally puts forward the design of high-speed fiber data transmission interface cardwhich based on FPGA, the card implements the transmission of high-speed serialdata and the transmission rate is3.125G/s. In the board design process, FPGAmainly to complete the board’s logic control of and provide high-speed serial datatransceiver channel, PCI interface is mainly to complete the data exchange betweenthe board and the host computer, optical transceiver module is to complete the datainterconnect with other devices. The design used the method of top-down design tocomplete VHDL code design, and use simulation tools to test the code of VHDL. Atthe last,completing the test of data transmission between the host PC and the board.In order to test board, the design use the method of self-transmit and self-received,so connect the sending and receiving interface of optical transceiver module by fiberoptic cable, and then the host PC send the data through the sending and receivinginterface of the optical transceiver module and sent the data back to the host machine.and then the data sending from host PC through the sending and receiving interfaceof the optical transceiver module back to the host PC.The test result shows that theboard’s data transmission functions is proper and achieve the desired goal of thesubject. The success of design and implementation in this project will provide a goodreference for other hardware engineers in high-speed serial data transmission field.
Keywords/Search Tags:FPGA, GTP, Aurora Protocol, Optical Transceiver Module
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