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The Research Of High-Speed Transmission Mechanism Based On AOC

Posted on:2016-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467493047Subject:Communication and Information System
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With the increasing of the flow rate and the amount of data transmission, it is required that transmission system must have high performance and high speed and long transmission distance. Especially in aerospace Industry, this demand is more intense. In this case, the in-depth study about the high-speed transmission is made in this paper, and then the high-speed transmission mechanism based on AOC is proposed. A detailed feasibility analysis from a theoretical point is carried out. Finally, the verification platform is designed for the testing and verification of this program. As a result, compared to the traditional transmission mechanism, this design has a distinct advantage in the high-speed transmission.In order to achieve high-speed transmission based on AOC, the dedicated processing chip is used to process multiple parallel signals, then the signal is converted to high-speed serial LVDS signal and sent to AOC. Through this program, the speed and distance of the transmission system is improved significantly. In the process of signal processing, In order to solve the problem that the multi-channel signals are not synchronized, bit error rate, transmission rate and distance, the Aurora protocol,8b/10b encoding, transformation of bit wide and data alignment is used in data processing. The data is converted into high-speed serial LVDS signal through the processing of chip in order to meet the transmission characteristics of the AOC. Simultaneously, the advantage of LVDS and AOC can lead to higher performance for the transmission system.Simultaneously, the hardware system of high-speed transmission is designed according to the demand of high-speed transmission, which is consist of transmitting and receiving systems. At the transmitting end, the FPGA chip complete the data processing of alignment and conversion after the processing of interface chip. Then the data is loaded framing and encoded. Finally, it is transmitted through the AOC. After the data is received at the receiving end, reverse operation is done by the FPGA chip of receiving systems. Finally, the original signal is recovered. In the design process of sending and receiving system, the high-speed transmission mechanism based on AOC is proposed. And the in-depth study of Aurora protocol,8b/10b encoding, transformation of bit wide, data alignment, clock recovery and GTP is completed in the design process of this system. This program solves the problem of high-speed transmission, long-distance transmission and high-performance transmission effectively. And it is verified on the hardware platform which is designed for this transmission system. Definitively, the development, testing and validation of this transmission system is all done successfully.
Keywords/Search Tags:AOC, FPGA, High-speed LVDS, Aurora protocol8b/10b encoding, Serial to parallel and parallel to serial
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