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Research On High-speed Serial Transmission Technology Based On FPGA

Posted on:2018-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of science and technology,the traditional way of parallel data transmission cannot meets the requirements of speed of these high broadband data just like the Ultra High-Definition TV,10GbE,High-Definition video acquisition system,radar data and so on.So choose the way of serial data transmission to satisfy the needs of the high broadband data.Now the study of high-speed serial data transmission is a very popular field,which has a high practical value and research significance.This article is based on the Rocket IO,the data transmission specification is Aurora protocol,adopting SFP module as the data transceiver and using optical fiber as transmission medium to realize high speed serial data transmission.First,the paper illustrates the Rocket IO function structure and characteristics,then,introduced the Aurora protocol,8B/10B codec,detachment of single chain and some concepts,processes.In addition,some knowledge of high speed knowledge is summarized,including:the power distribution network,transmission lines,signal crosstalk and EMI.According to the system requirements,designed the hardware platform of the system,mainly includes:the schematic design,the selection of main control chip,the power supply module design,DDR3 design,RS422 serial interface communication design,GTP high-speed port of the power and clock design.After the test of the design of the whole hardware platform,the stability of the system hardware platform was guaranteed,providing a reliable hardware platform for the software design.The system adopts Xilinx chip XC6SLX45T as the main control unit,using Verilog HDL to describe all function modules,adopts ISE and ModelSim as development and simulation tools respectively,with the use of DC power supply,oscilloscope and multimeter,completed the whole hardware platform test to ensure the stability of the hardware platform.Reasonable designed the software development process,measured the channel bit error rate of hardware platform,ensuring the validity of the transmission channel data.Combined the Aurora interface sequence chart,write the interface control module,and implement the function of self-transmitting and receiving.
Keywords/Search Tags:FPGA, Rocket 10, Aurora protocol, Serial transmission, Optical fiber
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