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The Networking Research Of Link11Data Link And Linkll Data Link Terminal Achievement

Posted on:2015-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467963097Subject:Communication and Information System
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With the rapid development of computers and networks,there is new direction of the development of the transmission and processing of message. Humanbings use radio communication to solve the long-distance transmission of messages. After entering the digital age of communication,it is even more convenient and faster to sending, receiving and processing of the message. The reliability of message transmission has been further improved.With the introduction of aircraft, missiles and other advanced weapons, the state of battlefield changes become faster than ever. It’s impossible and unrealistic for enemy commander to publish battle field conditions only relying on the the radio telephone communications. Real-time battlefield messaging transmission is extremely important. So digital communication soon be applied to the military communications in the past. Unlike civilian communications,military communications require higher reliability, military equipment need better stability, the transmission of messege need more real-time and confidential.To ensure the transmission and processing of the message in the internal of all branches of combat, as well as to solve the messaging problems in the subsequent emergence of the Air Force and Navy joint operations which is introduced to the datalink. As computer networks, the users of the data link can usedata link terminal, accessing to battlefield to get information they want in the network. Data link can achieve messages’real-time, reliably, confidentially transmission.This paper is about Linkl1data link terminal on S3C2440embedded platform. Firstly, paper research the background and development process of the data link.It is followed by the key technology used in Link11data link terminal.And paper research the S3C2440platform,μC/OS-II operating system,network protocols and file system Fatfs LWIP etc. Through the study of these elements, paper realize the platform building of terminal. Finally, paper research the Immunity design and reliability design of the terminal network system.In the background and development process of the data link, paper rearch of several important data Link:Link4, Link11, Link16, Link22. By comparing the development and the future prospects of the data link, paper indicate the significance of research Linkl1. In the key technology research on Link11data link terminal, paper involve the workflow of the terminal, the terminal data message structure, networking mode, polling mechanism and other technologies used in the terminal. In the part of platform building, paper describe the transplant of μC/OS-Ⅱ operating system, LWIP, Fatfs and keyboard scan etc.Paper details the test process and performance improvement of the terminal platform. In the Immunity terminal designed part,paper mainly uses DDE channel equalization algorithm. In reliability design of the terminal, paper mainly uses tail biting convolutional channel coding to implement the error correction coding, CRC checksum for message verification, block interleaving for burst channel error solutions. Paper details the tail biting convolutional encoding codec process, CRC checksum encoding and block interleaving method...
Keywords/Search Tags:Linkll data link, μC/OS-Ⅱ, operating system, LWIPfatfs DDE, algorithm tailbiting, convolutional codec
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