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Design And Implementation Of Computer Interlocking Operations Simulation System Fused With3D Technology

Posted on:2016-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330467996735Subject:Control engineering
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In recent years, computer interlocking technology has been more and more widely used in the railway system in our country. Therefore, it’s important and practical to study the computer interlocking simulation teaching system for train staff. This system can help train staffs quickly understand the principles and applications of computer interlocking technology. On the base of previous simulation system, a new form of computer interlocking simulation system fused3D technology was proposed. It consists of three sub-system structures, including computer interlocking train operation simulation system,3D animation system and communication system.This paper was started from learning domestic and foreign research status of this subject to learn and summary the research methods and results of previous studies. Then the general review of the computer interlocking technology and3D technology were given, the hierarchy of computer interlocking technology and a practical application of computer interlocking device were highlighted. After that, the3D animation rendering engine technology based on Open Scene Graph and the3ds Max software modeling techniques were briefly introduced. After deeply understanding the domestic and foreign research status and application technology of this topic, demands of the subject were analyzed adequately, and then the system were designed, developed and achieved. Four specific areas were completed as follows:(1) The software of computer interlocking train operation simulation system was achieved using the C++programming language and Microsoft Office Access database under the Windows platform and VC++6.0compiler environment. And the software includes the interactive interface function and the underlying interlock function.(2) The UDP multicast was used to achieve the data communication among subsystems in the TCP/IP transport layer; Google Earth technology and Arc Map were used to collect and process the railway information; the three-dimensional animation data model was established.(3) Fusion of3ds Max software modeling technology and OSG rendering engine driven technology,3D animation system simulation exercises was achieved.(4) After the completion of the design and realization of the system, system tests were completed finally.The results of system tests showed that the system has achieved the designed goal. And the system will provide a new form of teaching simulation platform for the train staff to achieve better teaching effect, and it will also help the staff to improve their professional skills.
Keywords/Search Tags:Computer interlocking, Train operation simulate, 3D technology
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