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Design And Implementation Of All-electronic Interlocking Execution Unit

Posted on:2019-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G QiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330563495449Subject:Computer application technology
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At present,The speed of railway development in China is getting faster and faster,especially the construction of urban rail traffic,which makes the performance of railway equipment getting higher and higher.At the same time,with the continuous development of related science and technology,the safety and reliability of railway signal technology can be improved.In order to meet the stringent requirements for the rapid development of railway interlocking equipment,all-electronic computer interlocking is the development direction of the existing interlocking system.In order to study and realize functions of all electronic computer interlocking.The main work of this thesis is as follows:(1)On the basis of the traditional computer interlocking,the thesis puts forward the corresponding improvement plan in view of the rapid development of the high speed rail in China and the contradiction between the strict requirements of the related equipment and the existing interlocking equipment.The improved computer interlocking system is the all-electronic computer interlocking system,which compares the new generation of computer interlocking system with the traditional computer interlocking system.(2)In order to verify the superiority of all-electronic interlocking,the thesis gives a detailed description of the implementation unit of all electronic interlocking.The intelligent,modularized,and board mounted electronic modules replace the relay logic circuits to directly control the outdoor rail switches,signaling and other rails.At the same time,the whole logic structure of the all-electronic interlocking executive unit communication system and the communication protocol(RSSP-II protocol,ProfiBus protocol)used in the communication process are studied,it has the characteristics of digitalization and networking,and analyzes the security and reliability of the communication system structure through the Matlab simulation curve.(3)This thesis tests and debug the all electronic interlocking execution unit.The test items include functional test and module test.The function test includes self checking test,self checking test,DP communication test,inter channel data vote test,fault test,copy machine test and so on.The module test includes software testing and hardware signal quality testing.The experiment shows that,compared with the traditional computer interlocking equipment,the all-electronic computer interlocking equipment has the advantages of small volume,low energy consumption,simple construction,complete monitoring function,the fault module can be pluggable and the site is less maintenance.At the same time,the allelectronic execution module has the function of internal self checking,which can control the faults in every link and improve the security of the system.In a word,the all-electronic interlocking equipment has been studied in a comprehensive way,which can play a certain role in further research and application of all electronic interlocking.
Keywords/Search Tags:Railway Signal, computer interlocking, All-electronic performance units, test
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