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Inverse Kinematics Solution And Trajectory Planning Of 6-DOF Manipulator

Posted on:2017-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330485983413Subject:Software engineering
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So far, the mechanical arm as highest degree technology products of AI has been involved in manufacturing, health care, agriculture, e.g. And manipulator kinematics analysis and trajectory planning has been one of the hotspot in researchers. This paper has took the GSK company’s six degrees of freedom Manipulator industry as the research object, and has established the D-H model which is based on the structure parameters, analyzed the positive and inverse kinematics, and solved the inverse kinematics of Manipulator by using the PSO neural network algorithm. And on the basis of the inverse kinematics, this paper has proposed a method that using symmetric composite function to plan the trajectory in the joint space. Finally, building simulation models in ROS and MATLAB platform to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.First, in order to provide the basis of the manipulator kinematic analysis, this paper has introduced the basic principles of robot homogeneous transformation in the spatial coordinates, the features of ROS and Robotics Toolbox simulation platform, as well as the procedures and precautions of the use of D-H standard method for modeling.Then, according to the D-H standard method and structural parameters of a real manipulator, this paper has established a D-H coordinate model of the manipulator which has six degrees of freedom, determined the structure and optimize processes of the neural network, solved the inverse kinematics of Manipulator by using PSO neural network algorithm, gave the constraint relations between the executive manipulator end and joint variables. At the same time, this paper has also gave the comparison of different algorithms in inverse kinematics. And has done a multi-platform physics simulation of the proposed algorithm by building physical models in the RVIZ platform of ROS and designing communication GUI (Graphical User Interface).Finally, this paper has introduced the principle and the different interpolation methods application of the manipulator trajectory planning, analyzed the manipulator trajectory planning issues that is described in the joint space trajectory planning in the polynomial interpolation function, higher-order polynomial interpolation and B-spline interpolation, discussed the Cartesian coordinate space trajectory planning process. And Cartesian space and joint space trajectory planning advantages and disadvantages were compared. This has laid a theoretical foundation for the manipulator motion simulation analysis. In the analysis, this paper focuses on the method which is use of symmetric composite function in the joint space trajectory planning. The method calculates the angle of each joint under the joint space (interpolation points) that corresponds to the end of the manipulator inverse kinematics by inverse kinematics. And getting each joint arm displacement, velocity and acceleration trajectory curve by introducing time variable and using symmetric composite function to insert variable in the acceleration function of articulation. Also, this paper has used Robotics Toolbox to verify the validity of the proposed method of trajectory planning and compared with the others. Reflecting the motion of respective lever of the manipulator and the end of the actuator directly. And providing a theoretical basis to the manipulator control strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Manipulator arm, Particle swarm optimization neural network, Inverse kinematics, Combination function, Trajectory planning
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