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Design Of An Applique Sensor Interface Module

Posted on:2016-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330503950511Subject:Integrated circuit engineering
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With the progress of electronic systems, a variety of different types of sensors used in the same system become an important development trend, Including satellites,aerospace equipment. However, sensor interface variety and difference of electrical standards and other issues restricts the multi-sensor system integration, Aimed at the disadvantages of sensor technology, this topic has designed a kind of adaptive sensor interface system based on FPGA, the interface system can be a variety of sensor interface and the USB interface and data into a unified data, and realize plug and play.Analyzed the working principle of the system, the overall design scheme is determined. Topic main work includes multiple interface sensor system board design,based on the FPGA Nios II soft-core system design, PC software design. Design for the core part of the Nios II soft-core system based on FPGA, it is a hardware and software of the collaborative design process.Completed the board level the system hardware design. Specific content has the whole structure design, selection of FPGA device, USB interface circuit design, all kinds of sensor interface circuit and other circuit design. Completed the system schematic diagram, PCB layout design, and completed the circuit board processing and debugging.Completed the Nios II soft-core system design,it mainly includes the Nios II processor selection, all kinds of controller design and debug interface design.According to Avalon bus specification and corresponding interface timing, completed the USB controller and I2 C controller design and simulation after successful mounted onto the bus.Write a device driver, and application design are completed. The PC software function of this design is mainly used in the system of state control and data processing.Finally, using the board-level system to verify prototype realize the PC software and various ancillary software debugging.This paper gives system debugging methods and results of each part of the circuit and validates the design requirements to meet the various functions of the system.This topic research in the fields such as aerospace, information and communication has a broad application value, and for the future of plug and play intelligent sensor also has certain reference value for research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sensor, Nios II, FPGA, Plug-and-play
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