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Research On The System Of Commercial Banks Performance Management Based On EVA

Posted on:2015-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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There are more and more intense competition between the banking sectorbecause of a new business environment created by the transformation of the financialglobal competition and information technology for the state-owned commercial banks.In order to maintain the status of competition in the international market, thestate-owned commercial banks should put the performance management in animportant strategic position and improve performance management level.In this thesis, we use the EVA basic theory, attempt to analyze the EVAvalue-driven model and its relationship with performance management, design theperformance management of commercial banks based on EVA and make an empiricalstudy about this model. This model provides management support for commercialbanks to achieve the strategic objectives and enhance their market competitiveness inthe market.The main contents include:(1)This thesis discusses the impact that EVA has to the commercial banks’implementation of performance management. The concept of performancemanagement has been widely implemented and enforced in commercial banks,becoming an important tool for business management. However, there are still manydrawbacks in the traditional performance management, particularly when it can’t wellconduct the value creation idea of EVA. In this thesis, we fully discuss the concept ofEVA, analyze the impact EVA on performance management and find out a commonpoint that combine EVAwith performance management of commercial banks.(2)This thesis investigates the fit mode of performance management and EVA.Under the background that the commercial banks of China has all achieved joint-stockreform, they must combine performance management with EVA index together. Thethesis introduces EVA into performance management system by analyzing the EVAvalue drivers and using it during the whole process from performance planning,performance coaching, performance evaluation to performance feedback and finallybuild framework of performance management based on EVA(3) This thesis designs the key performance indicator of commercial banks basedon EVA. Based on the clear development strategy target on the basis of commercialBanks, this thesis analyzed the commercial bank strategic goal and key points,looking for key success factors affecting commercial bank strategic goals, and then through the layers of decomposition to departments and positions, find thedepartments and posts the critical success factor, finally forms the key success factorscan be quantified evaluation of key performance indicators.Both domestic and foreign research shows that EVA targets also is applied to theperformance evaluation of commercial banks, but effective integration with EVA andperformance management has not been an in-depth study. This paper carried out onthis point, in conjunction with the design performance indicators KPI and contractmanagement, to establish the EVA-based performance management system ofcommercial banks, for commercial banks in China being a modern financial systemand providing useful lessons of experience to improve the performance of the bankingindustry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Performance Management, Commercial Banks, Economic value added, Key Performance Indicator
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