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Agricultural Bank Of China Qingdao Branch Research On The Choice And Marketing Strategy Of Credit Products Of Small And Medium Enterprises Credit Product

Posted on:2016-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The state-owned commercial banks have long been concerned about the large and medium-sized enterprises financing demand, and formulated a series of the full range of credit products. The financing needs of SMEs has not pay attention to, but with the development of the economy, from the national situation, more than 99% of the company is a medium-sized, their contribution to the DGP more than 60%, the tax contribution to more than 50%, and provides more than 75% of urban jobs and more than 80% of new product development. The small and medium-sized enterprise has become China’s economic prosperity, increasing employment, adjusting structure, promoting innovation and formed an important force in emerging industries, is also an important factor to ensure social stability. Now more and more city commercial banks and the joint-stock banks to carve up the small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the small credit this big cake, the Minsheng Bank as the representative of the joint-stock banks for a variety of credit products emerge in an endless stream of small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium enterprises to meet the needs of various amount and financing deadline. As has a long history of Agricultural Bank of Chinese, how to seize the market opportunities, identify their own position, efforts to strengthen themselves in the SMEs credit market power, has become the urgent problem.By using the principle of SWOT analysis, the analysis process of credit marketing of Agricultural Bank of China in Qingdao small and medium-sized enterprise analysis, screening of small and medium-sized enterprises credit products and small and medium enterprises credit products marketing and other part of the existing situation, combined with the theory of the commercial loan theory, theory of asset transfer and super money supply theory, separately elaborated the Qingdao Agricultural Bank of China credit product selection and marketing of small and medium enterprises strategy, related to the verification formula by combining the real situation of enterprises. At the same time, in view of the existing problems in the process of marketing channel construction, put forward the constructive opinions and suggestions, and the Agricultural Bank of China Qingdao branch marketing prospects expected results.Finally, this article through the analysis of the Agricultural Bank of China Qingdao branch, the small and medium-sized enterprise credit product selection and marketing draws the conclusion, Qingdao branch should break through the existing framework of bank marketing, to find and build a new marketing channels, the introduction of appropriate credit products to the real needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises, expanding the share of the credit market in Qingdao area. At the same time, it also can make the small and medium enterprises in Qingdao province financing environment can be more healthy development of more perfect.
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