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Research On The Credit Risk Management And Control Strategy Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprise In Jining Branch Of MS Bank

Posted on:2019-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the continuous development of China's banking,the market economy in our country are also gradually regularized,data by the end of 2017,our country has a number of small and medium-sized enterprises(Smes)is about more than 7000,and is growing fast,small and medium-sized enterprises has become the main driver of rapid economic development in our country,as the public business peoples innovation is put forward,the country's small and medium-sized enterprises for the unprecedented fast development period and is easy to start,but small and medium enterprises development have stumbled,especially in the market competition,small and medium-sized enterprises(smes)no technical advantage,no financial advantage is difficult to based on growing,for small and medium-sized enterprise financing channel has been the weakest link in a market economy in our country,the lack of effective financing way,lending to small and medium-sized enterprises in financing can only rely on individual and private microfinance,this high interest high-risk financial products,often can have a negative impact to the development of small and medium-sized enterprise itself.So this article will with MS bank of Jining branch as the research object,research in MS jining branch bank in support of small and medium-sized enterprise financing loans policy and the provision,according to MS jining branch bank in risk control of small and medium-sized enterprise credit business emphatically analyzed.At first,this paper in view of the definition of banking credit risk management and the significance and necessity of management were expounded,secondly combining the actual operation effect of MS jining branch bank to analyze the risk of small and medium-sized enterprise loan financing present situation,and through in-depth analysis,finds out some problems existing in the small and medium-sized enterprises of bank credit,the author analyzed to solve these problems,put forward the our country bank also for the small and medium-sized enterprise credit business risk control strategy and the suggestion,for China's commercial Banks how to improve the risk control in small and medium-sized enterprise loan business ability has the vital significance.After a lot of theory and practice research,this paper draws the following conclusion: the first is about MS risk control of bank credit business of jining branch,there is a credit structure is unreasonable,the inadequate strength of the internal control,credit process chaos,and limited,credit management personnel quality is not high,these problems seriously restrict the MS bank credit business development of jining branch,also for MS jining branch of the bank credit business has brought certain potential risks.Secondly through the Credit-an empirical analysis of the Risk model,you can see that in 2016 MS bank of jining branch means to control the Risk of A certain level of ascension,to further strengthen Risk control,at the same time the bank expanded for class A and class BBB examination and approval of the Credit business,make the two types of loan Risk increase.In addition this paper also puts forward the corresponding prevention and control measures of credit risk,mainly through perfecting the risk control system,optimizing the credit business process,strengthen the credit personnel quality and optimize the capital management mode and improved MS jining branch bank risk control level.
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