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A Survey Of The Willingness To Mobile Phone Payment In Hangzhou

Posted on:2016-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330464960657Subject:Applied statistics
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Mobile payments as the future trends are sought after because of its portability of various sectors. Therefore, the use of mobile phones is gradually rising consumer shopping payment, but also as an inevitable development. Electricity providers, banks, telecommunications companies are also beginning to look eye on this market, and started to seize this market, the payment on the chain pinpoint their location, and do bigger from the phone.This paper aims to study the development of this mainstream mobile payment behavior influenced by the factors, that is the end of the pay phone industry chain, from the start, from the perspective of those surveyed for the consumer to start investigation and analysis, while adding new third-party payment platform as a variable, comparing the use of different levels of consumers to pay for its other external factors influence.In this paper, the method of survey is sampling and non-sampling combining to collect 470 valid data. First, the use of Excel and MODELER and other data analysis software for data points screening and treatment. Then, structural equation model as the core, from the assumption that the research article to proceed empirical analysis, using the willingness of the respondents mainly paid from the phone, risk awareness, external environment, cost awareness and influencing factors of mobile payment platform the main factors, the use of structural equation AMOSS build and path analysis to identify the impact of mobile payment. Finally, we evaluated the results of the survey and the broad question of how to improve and enhance the idea of mobile payment behavior. From the results of this analysis, the cost factors and risk perceptions are still hampering the development of mobile payment, and external environment can also expand the mobile payment crowd, and now mobile platforms factors can’t fully reflect and plays a dominant role. But mobile payment platform is a controllable and relatively easier to upgrade the factors, so various related companies should actively in the development of market development and improve platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile, payment, Factor, of, platform, Sample, Survey, Structural equation modeling
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