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Research On Customer Satisfaction For The Third Party Logistics Enterprise Based On Structural Equation Model

Posted on:2015-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330467990125Subject:Logistics Engineering
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Logistics is a product of the gradual refinement of modern societydivision, and also is the third profit source to promote economy forward.After introduced into China20years, the development of Chineselogistics has begun to take shape. With the rapidly increasing of socialneeds and the quickly developing of logistics industry, Chinese logisticsindustry is increasingly competitive. Especially the third-party logistics,faced with intense competition from large foreign logistics enterprisesdue to short-term development in China. Our logistics enterprisesurgently need an effective way to improve their competitiveness, existingand developing from the intense competition.The relationship between customer satisfaction degree and enterpriseperformance, is an attention focal point of the domestic and internationalbusiness community and academia in recent years. Scholars haveconducted various study, the results indicated that customer satisfactiondegree will largely affect enterprise performance. Especially to thethird-party logistics enterprises whose main business is to providecustomers with service, customer satisfaction degree will determine thesuccess or failure of the enterprise. At present, the domestic research onthird-party logistics enterprises′customer satisfaction degree is mostlyabsorbing and extending the foreign research results. Establishing atargeted evaluation system and model will have great theoretical andpractical significance.On the basis of reading a lot of literature, the article introduces theresearch background and research status at home and abroad firstly, finding out the start point. Then the article discusses some basic theoriesof third-party logistics and customer satisfaction degree, building theevaluation model considered the characteristics of the third-party logisticsenterprises and improved from Chinese Customer Satisfaction Indexmodel. And then establishes the evaluation index system depending onthe specific factors affecting the third-party logistics enterprises′customersatisfaction degree. After that the article discusses in detail the process ofcustomer satisfaction measurement using structural equation model basedon some research of the structural equation method. At last, it takesDeppon logistics for example to analysis, and fixes the model accordingto survey date, then takes multi-group structural equation model methodto analysis the suitability of the model between different groups of sampleand the difference in sensitivity to different types of consumers affectedby various factors. At the end of the article, it summarizes the studyresults of the paper, puts forward countermeasures and suggestions,points out the shortcomings of research and future research direction.
Keywords/Search Tags:third-party logistics enterprises, customer satisfaction degree, structural equation method, multi-group analysis
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